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Nestle NCE Corporate edutainment game
client Nestle Egypt
Year 2013

A touchscreen based game that runs over Windows touchscreens integrated with steering-wheels and installed in several locations at Nestle’s office as well as at the company’s plants. The game was mainly built to educate the employees with the programs’ scope to help them gain the maximum possible benefit out of the NCE program.
Employees were given access to the game using their work ID’s and by logging in they were able to enjoy the fun experience of answering questions related to the program and receive a score according to their answers to these questions. The score was then translated in to fuel which enabled them from playing a car game where they control a car and maneuver around obstacles and collect certain collectables before time hits zero. The daily progress of each employee was stored on the game’s database and the scores of each employee was accessible by all employees which created a nice competitive environment amongst the employees.
Windows Touchscreen App