Games Development

Appsinnovate’s games development team is the most experienced in the region with the brightest and most creative minds in the industry. The team has more than 7 years of experience in games making. With Appsinnovate, your game is in safe hands. .

Games, Games, Games…

Appsinnovate’s Games Studio is a leading game development studio in the region. We create games over smart devices (phones and tabs), consoles (Xbox Kinect), touchscreens (Windows, Mac and Samsung TV), wearable devices, Interactive solutions (virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Virtuix Omni, ROVR VR, …etc.) Games are not only used for entertainment… games could help you reach your brand goals by increasing your client’s engagement to your brands both on-ground, at home or even on the move. We can help you in making your game come live or even in coming up with the game concept prior to the development phase. With over 10 games on the stores, and over 30 games created for our clients, we have a proven experience in almost all existing game genres.

Make your game!

Launching a new brand, sending a new message, increase awareness, increase engagement, etc… A game will make your life easier!

  • Entertain your clients
  • Reaching your clients in a more fun, creative way
  • Increasing the engagement levels with your clients
  • Help your clients reach you easier and in a more convenient way
  • Gamers everywhere!

    Millions of people around the world play games. Both males and females, youth, teens and even adults. All play games. The smart devices era that we are living in now has made it easier to everyone to possess a smart device, which is an affordable platform to play games on if they don’t possess a game console.

    Make your game!

    At Appsinnovate, we strongly believe in the power of games and in how games could help in providing a strong message especially in the educational sector, if properly utilized in a fun way. Together with our customers, we come up with the game content to best serve the desired curriculum/subject then make the game come in to being with the help of our extraordinary team and tools.

    Appsinnovate is the Games Development company that will make your game that will “WOW” your audience!!

    We Know it:

  • The most powerful team covering wide array of technologies, gadgets, games development engines, wearables, etc.
  • One of the most creative teams of games artists (Ui/Ux) in the region.
  • Over 5 years of experience in digital business and games making industry.
  • Proven market trends & insights knowledge in the games industry both regionally and internationally.
  • Consult you on how to build your games to best reach your customers as well as how to leverage on other platforms to best reach your target audience.