About us

Founded in 2012, Appsinnovate is a leading Software Development Company, Games Development Studio and digital engagement solutions provider based in Cairo, Egypt.

Appsinnovate’s product portfolio comprises B2B and B2C Apps, games, gamification learning platforms and creative interactive solutions. Appsinnovate develops mobile applications (iOS, Android, HTML5 and Windows Mobile) for smartphones, wearable devices, tablets and iPads.

Appsinnovate also develops interactive solutions that enable businesses to have a better connection to their clients in events, exhibitions, on-ground activation campaigns and smart booths that contain a catchy innovative solution such as interactive customized Kinect games, virtual reality, immersive reality or Augmented reality that convoy the brand identity of the company/products in a way to grab the attention of the audience and bring unforgettable experience for all ages.

Focusing on Edutainment, at Appsinnovate we understand the needs for having new learning methods through gamification experience that mix between education and entertainment and we have experience in turning regular training courses to interactive gamified programs with the help of a subject matter expert in the field of the topic.

There is an endless thrive for innovation at Appsinnovate; hence the logical choice of the identity and the company name. This is clear in the diversity of the products portfolio: iOS apps, Android apps, gamification, interactive learning solutions, Facebook games, racing games, tower defense games, platform games, casual games, side-scroll games, endless-run games, trivia and quizzes, treasure hunt apps, AR apps, VR games, gear VR, karaoke apps, electronic brochures, electronic-events organizers, reservations apps, medical diagnosis apps, social apps, gamification and edutainment.

Appsinnovate builds solutions based on industry leading technologies from Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Unity3D, Unreal, Native Swift, Native Android and many more. With a team of topnotch Developers, artists, 2D and 3D designers, solution architects, Qc testers and project managers we make sure you get the best quality at the most optimum time to meet your expectations.

Appsinnovate serves clients primarily in GCC, Africa, Europe and The Middle East, with prospects of extending this footprint to include Asia, North America, Central and Latin America. The current Client References List includes, but not limited to, major international clients such as Coca-Cola, JWT, Mondelez, Nestle, Red Bull, STC, VISA, and Vodafone. The current client base extends beyond Egypt to Saudi Arabia, Spain, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. In addition to prominent enterprises and corporates, Appsinovate clients also includes not-for-profit and governmental organizations such as Germany’s GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), and the African Taekwondo Union. Capitalizing on its network of business relations within Egypt, and throughout Europe, The Middle East and Africa, Appsinnovate is your ultimate digital-partner.

Appsinnovate is the right destination when the requirements are challenging and the schedules are tight. The one-stop-shop for the best-in-class value for you.

Development Phases:

1. Analysis Phase - we assign a business analyst who works closely with you to collect all information represented in the wireframes we create on your behalf. For best results, we work together closely and on regular basis

2. Design Phase - Upon completion of the analysis phase and after gaining a clear picture of the app, we assign a design team who starts working on the UI/UX. Based on your feedback, all changes/ iterations in the design are made as requested.

3. Development and Testing Phase - The timeline and milestones are here defined by the project manager and upon completion of the development phase the project is tested by the quality team; once quality is controlled the product is launched on stores

4. Maintenance Phase- Once the product is launched, we may also provide you with various support and maintenance levels.

5. Future Enhancement - Based on your vision and strategy, we may also add new modules / functionalities to your product.