Game Based Learning

Now that we are in the Digital era and Digital Transformation is the hottest topic in all firms across all industries, at Appsinnovate we have been working to cater this subject from a technology perspective to help corporate entities meet their Learning and Development targets through our game based learning solutions. What we do is simply digitizing the content and turning companies L&D content in to gamified experiences, and by gamified experiences we don’t mean giving badges and showing progress in a gamified way, but we create full edutainment games to educate employees on specific topics that the company decides on.

Why go for game based learning solutions?

Video materials

are often the most common tool firms tend to adopt – film a scenario and let the trainee observe it. However this gets outdated rapidly. A year old video is already pretty old and It is almost impossible to update them without re-filming them from scratch. Game based learning trainings can be added to, and subtracted from, in line with compliance, at any stage of the training procedure, republished and distributed all from a single source in a shorter manner.

Traditional training

is the go to methodology when the target is uniqueness and customization. The problem is, it is extremely difficult to address the challenges of each individual leaving the trainers to present the most common scenarios and not actually catering to the individual needs of the trainee. Organizations with big teams face many issues with regards to time management across all employees, travel expenses, training materials, attendance and many more.

Because employees these days have a natural preference for experiential learning instead of traditional, lecture-based training or video based learning methodologies, Game based learning is a good fit for them. Companies should push for their employees to look to practical, hands-on learning experiences to supplement and, in some cases, replace classroom sessions altogether for training. This is why edutainment learning, and all of its advantages of being an immersive experience is the best solution for training the current and future workforce. To sum it all, below are the most common benefits of adopting game based learning in comparison to traditional training methods:

1- Faster execution to cover all company teams
2- Reusing the solution multiple times with team members
3- Not affecting the normal work/productivity of the employees as they will not have to take time off to attend training
4- Higher engagement in comparison to watching static videos or gamification based on badges and so forth.

Where can this solution fit?

Gamification can fit literally in any industry to cater almost all training requirements. Some of the areas where such a solution can fit are:

  • Customer Service training
  • Sales training
  • Health and Safety at work training
  • Complaint handling training
  • On boarding new employees and introducing new processes
  • Change management training
  • Product knowledge
  • And many more..

  • Tell us your story, explain your targets and we will design your game based learning solution for you..