Click Platform

Genre : Payment gateway App

Year: 2019

Kuwaiti startup Click is a payment mobile app that enables you to receive payments from your clients or other businesses while monitoring your income securely and reliably. Perks of using Click:It is free to use with no monthly or annual subscription fee, Same business day money transfer, your financial information is protected and kept private

App Features

iOS and Android Apps for end users and website - Add your business products or services and send clients invoices: Click enables you to add all your products in one place and create invoices of mul5ple or no products. - Invoices can be shared via mul5ple types of methods: Once an invoice is created you can send them to your clients via SMS or a hyperlink. -Click allows you to simply scan a client's QR code and directly withdraw the agreed upon amount from their e-wallet saving you 5me and effort from compiling cash.


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