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Turbo Man Kinect Game - Birelle Turbo
client Al Ahram Beverages company
Year 2015

A Kinect based game that runs over Windows touchscreens integrated with Microsoft Kinect and installed in a booth for on-ground activation purpose. The scope was to use the game for sampling and to educate the clients with the new product.
A booth with a Touchscreen mounted inside it and connected to a Microsoft Kinect device that detects the motion of the user interacting with it was availed to the public. The users were able to enjoy a 1 minute long 3D runner game experience where they had to avoid hitting obstacles and to do that there were collectables that if collected helps them to reach the finish line in an easier manner. The collectables were coins that gave the game’s hero super powers based on the TV ad that was running in parallel during Birelle Turbo’s launching period.
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