GIZ EPP edutainment game

GIZ EPP Educational Game facilitates the development and transition process of Technical Education students and graduates (blue-collars) into work which part of EPP(Employment Promotion Programme) in Egypt, The game is a simulation for self-learning and career guidance based on the C3 approach within the EPP - a Career Guidance and counseling service, School to work Transition program. The game helps users to achieve the target from the program. The game consists of ten mini games, help user to know his skills, work motives & drivers, how to deal with work environment and pros and cons of all possible Career path choices after he finished his technical education.

Year: 2016

App Features

A self learning tool which works as a career guidance platform for employment promotion program in collaboration with GFA/GIZ to assist the blue collars in pursuing their work. The program is currently running in more than 150 technical school in Egypt and has assisted over 5000 students in their job hunt journeys. The solu5on was first introduced as desktop applica5on and then on a later stage it was made as a mobile app as well, this edutainment experience was a result of many brainstorming sessions between the German subject ma]er experts from EPP (Employment promo5on program) and Appsinnovate’s team in order to convert the legacy curriculum into a digitally gamified solu5on