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Consulting and strategy

Consulting and strategy services: We provide expert consulting and strategy services to help you make the most out of technology.

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Interactive Educational Content

We create immersive educational experiences that engage learners and enhance their understanding of complex topics.

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Game-Based Training

Training programs use gamification to make learning more engaging, resulting in higher retention rates and better performance.

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AR & VR Solutions

Our AR and VR solutions provide a fully immersive experience that takes learning and engagement to the next level.

What Appsinnovate offers

Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

Welcome to Appsinnovate, your gateway to innovative digital solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Our skilled team excels in crafting customized solutions, ensuring captivating user experiences, and spearheading impactful digital campaigns that drive tangible outcomes

Games Development

We specialize in creating topnotch games for mobile platforms, VR headsets and other consoles to best serve our clients needs


We use gamification and other interactive strategies to create engaging and effective learning experiences that promote retention and engagement.

Game-based Learning

We specialize in creating engaging and interactive e-learning content and custom game-based learning experiences


We create immersive experiences using virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and metaverse technologies to help our clients engage with their audience

E-content Solutions

Convert traditional curriculums into interactive electronic content to be added to the learning management system or used directly in classrooms.

Public Awareness Gamification

We help organizations engage with the public to increase the awareness around a specific topic via gamification to reach better results leveraging on state of the art innovative technologies

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